Painting Services

Interior Home Painting

At Absolute Brio Painting, we provide professional interior home painting using only the highest quality paints to ensure a long lasting beautiful finish to your walls. It is amazing the impact that a fresh coat of paint or a new color of paint can make to the appearance of your home. When not done well the impact can be less than positive. While it is true that anyone can paint, it takes skill and knowledge to do the job right and get it done quickly. From accent walls to painting the entire interior of the house we can do the job perfectly every time. Every step of the way, from color selection to clean up our crews are professional, pleasant and conscientious. 

Exterior Home Painting

Your home exterior paint takes a beating in the Florida sun and can fade and become chalky requiring repainting. Properly applied paint helps protect your home from the elements such as rain, pollution, and mold. Our experienced crew knows how to prep the exterior walls prior to applying the paint to ensuring consistent paint coverage. We only use quality paints designed to last, giving you a beautiful home exterior for as long as possible. Whether you have a multilevel home or just need an addition painted we can offer you the best quality service at a reasonable price. Don’t trust the job to just anybody with a ladder and a brush, hire professionals with years of experience.

Stucco Repair

Stucco can become cracked from the settling of your home, environmental factors or poor original application. For whatever the reason, we can expertly repair, prime and paint the stucco of your home. When not repaired or improperly repaired the stucco can be subject to mold and/or further damage which in turn could impact the structure of the house. Call us to evaluate the condition of your stucco or we will assess the condition before we paint your home’s exterior and advise you or any damage to the stucco we feel needs repair.

Drywall Repair

Drywall can easily become damaged during a move or during every day household activities and home renovations.  Our crews are experienced and the small jobs are often just too small for a drywall company. Drywall repairs done before we paint are a cost effective and time efficient solution and just one more way we add value to our interior painting service. The repair will be made, textured and primed properly before painting. With our expert repairs the finish of the paint will be uniform and no sign of the previous damage will be evident.

Pool Cage Restoration

Pool cage restoration and painting is a highly specialized field. We will clean and prep the cage surface before spraying with a paint specifically for that type of application. Any damaged or corroded aluminum will be pointed out and replacement recommended. All existing screens will be removed and the screws will be replaced with stainless steel screws. Great care is taken prior painting to cover all exposed surfaces to prevent over spray on surrounding walls, plants, floors or neighboring structures. When the screens are replaced you will have the choice of several types of screening available. Your cage will have the appearance of a brand new installation at a portion of the price.

Deck Painting

Don’t leave that deck untreated. Wooden decks need to be repainted regularly to protect the wood from sun and moisture. Left untreated fungus, rot and splintering can ruin the wood. We will clean and prepare the surface before applying the proper stain or paint to preserve your deck and railings with a lasting waterproof finish. Concrete pools decks can also be repainted for a change of color, to freshen faded or damaged paint and to help prevent mold and mildew. All out our paints are of the highest quality and applied correctly for long lasting protection and beauty. You will need to reapply the stain every 3-4 years while paint will may last closer to 10 years.